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  All the information you need with regards to your babyshower

Babyshowers or baby parties originate from the US and have been celebrated over there for years in honour of mums-to-be. In the UK and other European countries this tradition has meanwhile established itself and more and more baby parties are being thrown.

When to hold a babyshower?
There isnít a fixed time to hold your baby party. It can be arranged whenever you want but of course this should be in agreement with the mum-to-be.
Traditionally a babyshower is held before the new arrival and approximately 2 months before the end of the pregnancy. It is also possible to organise the baby party after the baby is born, which will give guests the opportunity to greet and admire the newcomer and to congratulate the new mum.

Who organises the baby party and who is invited?
The first rule: girls only! Men, including the dad-to-be, are not invited. They could be useful though as babysitter for the other children and therefore should definitely be involved in the planning of the party.
The invitation is usually sent out by the new mumís best friend, but the organisational and financial tasks can also be shared by a group of friends of the mum-to-be. All girlfriends, colleagues, mums, mothers-in-law, sisters etc. that are looking forward to the new arrival are invited. When the party is held after the baby is born, mum can of course invite the guests herself. To reduce the workload for mum, you can find disposable items and other decorative products on our website with which you will turn the lounge instantly into a pink or blue baby universe. Ultimately new mums have got enough on their plate already with changing nappies, heating up bottles and cuddling their babies.

Where does the party take place?
Wherever you want really is the answer: at a friendís home (e.g. if itís a surprise party), at the mum-to-beís home, at a cosy external venue or in the summer in someoneís garden.

What has to be organised?
The organisation of a baby party is quite straightforward: all you need is cute decoís like bunting, confetti and items with stylish baby designs to get the room and the guests in the right mood.
At first however the guests have to be invited to the party. If you are organising the party, you can send lovely invitation cards by post or you can of course call or email them. You can order cute invitation cards in our Shop or just use our free E-Cards and send them directly from here.

Apart from that you better get together with the other guests beforehand and decide who is bringing what (cakes, drinks and other treats ...). That works quite well and everyone can get involved in the planning.

To have even more fun with the girls and to make the mum-to-be the centre of attention, donít forget to organise some fun games. All guests could for example show their maternal skills (or maybe not so maternal skills). Fun is guaranteed. Donít forget your camera! You can find more ideas and suggestions for games here.

Favours and gifts - what do the guests bring along?
A baby-party is an ideal opportunity to make the new mum or mum-to-be happy with beautiful gifts for herself or the baby. A classic amongst the gifts is e.g. the indispensable nappy cake. Itís not just an original gift, but it can also be used as a table centrepiece during the party. You can find a collection of classy and exclusive gifts like the nappy-cake in our Shop.#

By the way, It is a nice tradition to thank the guests at the end of the baby party with a little something.

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  E-Mail Invitation service

Make it easy for yourself and invite the guests for your baby-party right now with our E-Mail invitation service. Just choose a theme, add the details of your party and send to all your guests...
Step 1: choose the lay-out of your E-Card

E-Card 1: Pssst... Surprise

E-Card 2: Hurray, Iím a mum

E-Card 3: Baby Party invitation

choose this choose this choose this
Step 2: add the details of your party

Name of the host:
Email of the host:
Phone of the host:
When does the party take place (date + time)?
Where does the party take place?
Step 3: Addressee(s)

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Add more people
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Step 4: and send...

» Preview of the invitation

  Ideas for Games

Beside sweets, cool gifts and a happy atmosphere little games will make your baby party a fun and memorable afternoon.

Whatís that smell?
Fun and exciting:
Take 5 or 6 nappies and fill each one with a different substance. E.g. nappy 1 with orange juice, nappy 2 with soy sauce, nappy 3 with Vicks Vaporub, nappy 4 with mustard, nappy 5 with peanut butter. Then pass each nappy around and let your guests do the sniff test. Each guest writes down their idea about the content of the nappy on a piece of paper. Whoever has the most answers correct wins and receives a treat.

Babyís future
A nice game that wonít be easily forgotten:
Prepare little notes with numbers (same amount of numbers and guests) and put them in a bowl. The numbers represent the future years of the babyís life. After every guest has drawn a number, you distribute cute notepaper with envelopes for the guests. They can write a short letter with good tips for the respective year of the babyís life addressed either to the mum or the baby. The letters are not read out loud, but are closed and given to the mum-to-be or new mum.For each birthday mum will have a letter for her little sweetheart with tips of a good friend and will be able to remember the lovely time she had at the baby party.

How big is mummyís tummy?
For this game we count on your visual judgment:
With toilet paper ask every guest to estimate the size of the mum-to-beís tummy. Each guest will rip off as many pieces of paper as they think they will need to wrap around the mumís tum. After everyone has got the amount of paper they think they will need, each single one will be fitted around mummyís tummy. Who gets closest, wins.

Baby banned
A simple but funny game that lasts throughout the baby party:
Upon arrival each guest receives 1, 2 or 3 clothes-pegs to pin to their clothes. At the start of your baby party you let everyone know that no one is allowed to say the word Ďbabyí throughout the party. If anyone is caught saying baby, they have to give one of their pegs to the person that caught them doing it. Who doesnít have any pegs left, has lost. The person who collected the most pegs at the end of the party is the winner.
» Weíve got a sweet 12 piece wooden peg set with cute animal applications in our Shop

The most beautiful nappy
This will definitely make everyone smile:
Depending on the number of guests form 2 or more teams (donít include the mum-to-be, sheís the referee). Each team receives a roll of toilet paper to swaddle one of the team in 2 minutes. No other tools (e.g. tape, paperclips or ...) are allowed. The mum-to-be stops the time and then decides which team has made the best nappy.

Super Mum
Thatís right, under normal circumstances women are without a doubt able to multi-task. But how good we are at it in our new life as a mum? This is a test for everyone: Hang up a washing line in the room and put a washing basket with some baby-clothes and a container for the pegs next to it. Each guest who wants to try to be a super mum receives a phone in one hand and a baby doll in the other. The aim is to hang up all baby clothes on the line as quickly as possible whilst being on the phone and holding your baby. Whoever finishes in the shortest time wins. Weíve got a sweet 12 piece wooden peg set with cute animal applications in our Shop.

A different way of body painting
Our favourite baby party activity is: White babygros are decorated with fabric pens and given to the mum-to-be for later use but most importantly as a memory to the baby party. The ideal opportunity to let your creativity run wild and create beautiful and unique gifts. You can find a Body Painting set with 5 white babygros and 5 colourful fabric pens in our Shop.

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  Impressions & customer feedback

Dear Mrs Knappe,
The baby party was a big success. Thanks to your decoís and the game suggestions. I also had some ideas of my own which made the afternoon a total hit. My daughter-in-law was ever so grateful. We drank from baby bottles and that was quite a challenge. The holes in the dummies are rather small. Just imagine how a baby must feel when it is hungry...
We had a lot of fun with the mummyís tummy game. It was amazing that everyone cut off a lot more string than they actually needed. My daughter-in-lawís best friend and her brother got the best result with only 1cm difference. I then handed out different pots of baby food, but I made sure that the labels were removed. Everyone hat to taste and guess what they were eating. The comments were "ihhh" and "yummie"... We also tried the not say "baby" game. That was really tough. My daughter-in-lawís friend, who happened to be the youngest in the group, ended up with 6 pegs and quite rightly was very proud of herself. Everyone really appreciated the little thank-yous at the end of the party. The guests were quite emotional when they received their little gifts.
It was such a successful day - we couldnít have done it without your decoís and ideas.

Anngret, March 2009

We had a super amusing girly afternoon and laughed so much. My friend, the mum-to-be, didnít know anything about it and it was a real surprise. She thought we were going to a pub, but instead ended up at another friendís house. Our friend had decorated the house and 8 other girls were waiting there for us. Firstly we gave her the "mum-to-be" sash from your shop and she wore it very proudly around her big tummy all day.
We had a lot of fun with the games and a few glasses of Prosecco did the rest. We had alcohol free champagne for mum.
I hope that my friends will organise such a fun baby party for me when I get pregnant one day.

Susanne, January 2009

Dear Ladies & Babies Team,
I wanted to thank you for the superquick delivery of my order. Hermes just rang the doorbell, even though I hadnít expected the goods until the day after tomorrow. Cool, thanks so much!

Julia, January 2009

I donít usually write feedback on stuff on the internet, but I have to make an exception here to say how great I find all the goods that I ordered from your shop. I decorated our lounge with a pink deco-set and balloons and I bought a lot of pink food and drinks. That was not as easy as it looked, but I found e.g. Fanta Pink-Grapefruit, muffins with pink sugar topping etc. It all looked so cute and boosted the anticipation to the baby even more. I am sending you a few pictures too. I will definitely recommend your shop because the products are really beautiful.

Pauline, February 2009

I gave my sister for the birth of her daughter the silver birth certificate holder and became her favourite sister at once! Everyone else bought clothes and toys and my present outdid all the others and was pretty special. I can only recommend it to others!

Laura, March 2009

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